Review: Vita Liberata Long Lasting Tan Mousse

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A three week tan? You couldn’t imagine my excitement when I heard that such a thing might exist. You have to understand, I’m of pasty complexion. Not a beautiful creamy English Rose like Kate Winslet, not an alabaster princess like Nicole Kidman, my skin is more of a pinkish white with a purpley tinge on cold days. SO not Hollywood.

The ingredients for Vita Liberata are organic and it contains no parabens, perfumes or alcohol. The packaging is tasteful and the mousse comes in a standard pump bottle. Usual instructions apply. Exfoliate. Moisturise. Pay special attention to dry areas – elbows, ankles, wrists, knees.

Getting Started

I use gloves to apply (ordinary latex-type from supermarket) and was glad to see the guide colour in the mousse is a nice healthy brown.

Tip #1

Move quickly! The colour is lovely straight away but it sinks in FAST! Three week tan is one thing, three week stain is quite another!
Soaking in quickly is good from a time saving point of view – no sitting around for two hours waiting to go to bed! The colour goes on really evenly and there are no bits.

Tip #2

The pamphlet recommends wiping dry areas with a damp cloth – I recommend this too. Get a damp cotton wool pad and wipe it carefully over elbows, knees, ankles heels and wrists. I’m really glad I did it because they came out perfectly and I’d done quite a bit of moisturising and wiping so they’d have been ebony if I didn’t I’m sure.

I have quite sensitive skin and I get patches of eczema. As an extra precaution I used my damp cotton wool pad behind my knees and in the bends of my elbows and on one annoying recurring patch of dry skin on my forearm. Pleasantly enough, I got absolutely no irritation or extra dry patches from the tan – this is pretty unusual for me so it makes me think that it’s particularly gentle. Always good.


The smell the morning after was quite subtle and not at all overpowering. My tan lasted really well for one week after which it started to fade gradually. If you’re fastidious about moisturising I can see that the tan would last longer but I’m not that careful. Overall I got a great result and was really happy with it. It’s a bit pricier than the mousse I normally use but had a gentler smell and lasted longer, which I think makes up for it.




A little goes a long way and it definitely needs less re-application to last longer than regular brands.
Availability: Minihan’s have it in stock right now and they’ll post it to you if you’re not in Cork.
Recommend: Definitely – you could put this on in the morning and go out looking tanned and healthy while it develops into a deeper long lasting tan.

Details: pHenO2 technology, dermatologically tested 2-3 week tan, Medium shade

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  1. Really helpful advice, thank you!

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