Non-Prescription items available on Medicine Schemes in Ireland

If you need to take non-prescription medicines in addition to your prescription medicines, you may find the following list useful. It details what ‘Over the Counter’ items are covered by most prescription schemes. So if you require a cough bottle or extra pain relief, you may be able to request that your doctor add them to your prescription! Simply discuss the need at your next visit to your GP.

The following list is not exhaustive and subject to change.  Ask at our store if you wish to find out about a product that is not on this list.

Pain Relief:

  • Nurofen Express and Express Maximum Strength
  • Excedrin
  • Paracetemol Tablets
  • Ibuprofen Tablets
  • Pain Relieving Gels (Volterol)

Stomach Upsets:

  • Gaviscon
  • Acidex
  • Maalox Liquid
  • Nexium Control
  • Immodium Capsules
  • Fybogel
  • Duphalac
  • Normacol
  • Dioralyte Sachets
  • Colpermin Capsules

Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements:

  • Ferrograd Folic Tablets
  • Ferrograd Tablets
  • Galfer & Galfer FA
  • Clonfolic Tablets
  • Calcichew
  • Ensure & Ensure Plus
  • Fortisip


  • Beconase
  • Flixonase
  • Zirtek
  • Cetriz
  • Cromoglycate Drops (Vividrin/Opticrom)
  • Eurax Hydrocortisone Cream 1%
  • Alomide drops


  • Exputex
  • Pulmoclase
  • Viscolex

Fungal Infections & Thrush:

  • Daktarin Cream, Powder & Oral Gel
  • Lamisil Cream
  • Canesten Cream & Pessaries

Eye Drops & Gels:

  • Artelac
  • Liquifilm Tears
  • Tears Naturale
  • Geltears
  • Lacri Lube
  • Vidisic Gel


  • Baby Haler Spacer Device
  • Vermox
  • Derbac M


If there is a product here that you use regularly, ask your doctor to add it to your prescription and your local pharmacist at Minihan’s will dispense it under the appropriate medicines scheme.

If there is a non-prescription product not on this list that you use regularly, speak to any of the staff at Minihan’s about whether it is covered on your prescription scheme.