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It is the desire of every single person living on this planet to look great. The reason for this is that better looks help in boosting the self-esteem and confidence level of an individual. Here in Minihans we take cosmetic care very seriously and that is why we only stock the leading brands in cosmetics.



mu3Makeup is very important in hiding the imperfections of the skin. There are various factors that have an adverse impact on our skin cell. Some of the most popular factors are UV rays of sun, dust, pollution & climatic condition. Owing to these, our skin cells get injured. In this way, our skin loses all the charm & attraction. We stock many products which protect your skin and help in its rejuvenation.


mu2At times, due to external factors, our skin loses charm. Many of the products we stock in the Neostrata and the Vichy range help in providing complete nourishment to the skin cells.


mu4Our skin does need proper care and attention. Using the right products will certainly rejuvenate your skin, thus offering you youthful looks. Pop into us here on Oliver Plunkett Street at any time and our staff will be delighted to assist you with expert advice on the right product for you.

Author: Kevin Minihan

I am a fully qualified and registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a number of years experience in pre hospital emergency medicine with the public and voluntary organisations. I am currently studying to become a fully qualified Pharmacy Technician at Minihans Chemist.

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