Guerlain Makeup Range


If you are looking for a brand new makeup styles to try then look no further than Guerlain Makeup range. It’s entire collection is comprised of some of the finest products on the market. It has a wide selection of different hues and textures  all inspired from women around the world.







Teracotta is a makeup powder that is inspired by a journey into the heart of the desert. It instantly gives the skin a natural glow and reflects the rays of the sun giving your whole complexion a fantastic new radiance.





It comes in a many different styles, each one adding its own unique beauty. The different shades are designed with the various different skin tones in mind ensuring that there is a product to suit every type of visage.






Abelle Royal is another fantastic product and is from the Guerlain skincare range. It is made from natural bee products and is stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process to to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness.






Guerlain carries the full range of makeup products from regular makeup to eye shadows and mascara to lipsticks and skincare. If you are searching for a new look that will entrance others then call in to us here in Minihans Oliver Plunkett Street for a sample. Looking forward to seeing you.


Author: Kevin Minihan

I am a fully qualified and registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a number of years experience in pre hospital emergency medicine with the public and voluntary organisations. I am currently studying to become a fully qualified Pharmacy Technician at Minihans Chemist.

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