When purchasing a new perfume.


When looking to purchase a fragrance for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the most important ingredient is to follow your preference. Scents are dissmilar for everyone and each fragrance can carry different meanings and memories.

But if you want an idea of some of the basic foundations of scents before purchasing fragrances, check out this infographic.

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This explains how choosing the right scent to match your personality requires a little bit more than just waving a bottle under your nose and paying for it. With colorful graphs, figures, charts, and legends, the infographic features the characteristics of four types of perfume.

For the fragrance newbie, these perfume rules will definitely come in handy to draw people in, aside from helping them come up with a signature scent that is simply unforgettable.

Here in Minihans on Oliver Plunkett Street we can help you to choose a perfume that not only will people close to you love but more importantly a perfume that you yourself will love.



Author: Kevin Minihan

I am a fully qualified and registered Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with a number of years experience in pre hospital emergency medicine with the public and voluntary organisations. I am currently studying to become a fully qualified Pharmacy Technician at Minihans Chemist.

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