by Kevin Minihan

Pharmacy of the Year for 2016

We are so happy to have been chosen as this year’s winner for Best Pharmacy in Cork 2016 at the Cork Business Awards. We would like to Thank all of our customers for all your support throughout the year.


Minihans Chemist have been serving the people of Cork now for over 60 years. In that time we have gotten to know so many customers. It is such a privilege  to be situated right in the heart of the city where we get to see all the great things that are happening on a daily basis. We have to say that Cork people are definitely the best people to deal with.

Thank you all again for your support. We’re looking forward to meeting you all again throughout the year.

by Kevin Minihan

Guerlain Makeup Range

If you are looking for a brand new makeup styles to try then look no further than Guerlain Makeup range. It’s entire collection is comprised of some of the finest products on the market. It has a wide selection of different hues and textures  all inspired from women around the world.







Teracotta is a makeup powder that is inspired by a journey into the heart of the desert. It instantly gives the skin a natural glow and reflects the rays of the sun giving your whole complexion a fantastic new radiance.





It comes in a many different styles, each one adding its own unique beauty. The different shades are designed with the various different skin tones in mind ensuring that there is a product to suit every type of visage.






Abelle Royal is another fantastic product and is from the Guerlain skincare range. It is made from natural bee products and is stimulates the key mechanisms of the healing process to to continuously help to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness.






Guerlain carries the full range of makeup products from regular makeup to eye shadows and mascara to lipsticks and skincare. If you are searching for a new look that will entrance others then call in to us here in Minihans Oliver Plunkett Street for a sample. Looking forward to seeing you.


by Kevin Minihan

Summer Makeup Suggestions










Every woman is naturally beautiful and there is no denying of this fact and to enhance the beauty of the already beautiful face, we have makeup. Makeup is not meant just to hide the loopholes of one’s face. It is purely meant to draw attention to the highlights of one’s face. Makeup is nothing less than an art. It is the art of portraying one’s beauty on a completely different level and the professional makeup artists completely understand the rules and regulations of this fantastic art.

It’s time for summer. So let us bounce and learn some makeup tips that would be helpful during the scorching summer.

Set your priorities straight and let protection top the list:

Summer is the time when the chances of occurrence of skin damage are high. So keeping your skin healthy and hydrated should be your long term precedence. As long as the sun is up, its detrimental ultraviolet rays are sure to smash up your skin big time. Therefore it is very important to ensure the makeup products you use have reasonable SPF. Higher the SPF value better is the defense it offers. Always carry sun screen lotion where ever you go. Exposure to sun even for a short span of time causes irreversible injure to your skin. Some days you will want to use sun screen lotions all through the day.
Use of Primer:

A lot of women even today do not know the significance of primer. Primer is a very important makeup product that should be worn before putting the makeup on.  Do not skip it especially during summer. It makes the makeup last longer and you will definitely understand the difference once you start using it. The professional makeup artist starts off the makeup regime with the primer irrespective of the season and no wonder the results are outstanding.

Protection from the sun is key at this time of year so make sure that you wear adequate sunscreen or if you are using moisturizer or makeup make sure that they give proper sun protection.

Here are some more tips to keep in mind that will come in handy.

Keep things light.







Give your eye shadow staying power.

Ditch the powder blush.

Play with vibrant colors.







Swap out thick lipsticks.

Use waterproof products when swimming.

Keep prep items in your purse.

by Kevin Minihan

When purchasing a new perfume.

When looking to purchase a fragrance for yourself or as a gift for someone else, the most important ingredient is to follow your preference. Scents are dissmilar for everyone and each fragrance can carry different meanings and memories.

But if you want an idea of some of the basic foundations of scents before purchasing fragrances, check out this infographic.

p1 p2 p3 p4



























This explains how choosing the right scent to match your personality requires a little bit more than just waving a bottle under your nose and paying for it. With colorful graphs, figures, charts, and legends, the infographic features the characteristics of four types of perfume.

For the fragrance newbie, these perfume rules will definitely come in handy to draw people in, aside from helping them come up with a signature scent that is simply unforgettable.

Here in Minihans on Oliver Plunkett Street we can help you to choose a perfume that not only will people close to you love but more importantly a perfume that you yourself will love.



by Kevin Minihan

6 Natural Makeup Tips to Look Younger Instantly

  1. Start with a dirt-free slate

Before putting anything on your face and starting with these natural looking makeup tips, make sure that it is clean and properly exfoliated.  Do this with a mild cleanser and pat when dry to not irritate your skin cells.  You should know that skincare and make-up is a tag team and you should always have the best of both worlds.

  1.    Lock in moisture


After cleansing, it is always important to moisturize.  An important natural looking makeup tip is to keep your facep1 looking fresh and with a bright glow instead of dry and flaky.  Use a moisturizer that fits your skin type, so you should know whether you have dry, oily, or natural skin.  Choose the one with high SPF and you would be more than thankful to have known this make-up tip and trick that will keep your face safe from the sun’s harmful rays while at the same time adding that natural tint.

  1.  Conceal

Concealers are always a part of the natural looking makeup tips because it p2can help you hide away the blemishes on your face.  Since skincare and makeup go together, don’t forget to dab lightly only and not to rub as it may cause your face to wrinkle.  Buy yourself a good concealer, preferably the pigmented one and consider which shade fits your complexion the most.  Follow it up with powder if your face gets too oily.

  1. Blush and bloom

A natural looking make-up tip when it comes to blushes is to choosep3 shades of light pink and peach.  A lot of experts say that using a cream blush instead of a powder blush is a better make-up tip and trick because it gives you that natural and a faint look of make-up but still keeps the glow alive.

  1. Define your eyes

This is the part where the natural looking make-up tips become really p6handy because you have to be very keen with this procedure in order to maintain that natural look.  First is to make sure you have enough light to see how your face fares with the natural look, use daylight sun for the best effect.  For your eyes, use a brown shade that is slightly darker than your complexion. Brush it on your crease and a little under your lower lids.  Use clean brushes to observe skincare when using make-up.

  1. Get kissable lips

The last but not least natural looking make-up tip is putting a dash of color on your lips.  To benefit from one of thep4 most followed make-up tips and tricks is to choose a lip color that is most similar to your lips’ color.  Apply it gently on your lips using your fingertips.

Women are blessed enough to always have a natural glow and power smile, that is why these natural looking make-up tips are just an additional for your facial features to be more defined and enhanced.  You can follow these makeup tips and tricks but always make sure that you always prioritize skincare because makeup never looks good on the damaged skin.  Enjoy the natural and younger look!

Hope you enjoyed this blogpost. If you are interested in finding out more in the skincare arena please call into us here in Minihans Chemist on Oliver Plunkett Street. We carry all the top brands….Vichy, Clarins, Neostrata, Guerlain and many many more. See you soon…